Thursday, April 29, 2010

Twin Oaks House: Celeste and Damion: Wedding

Celeste and Damion have a relationship built on having fun and laughter! After spending a few hours roaming Balboa park for their engagement shoot I knew that their wedding was going to capture the essence of who they are as a couple. It proved to be more than true. Their love for each other is so genuine and was experienced by all who attended the wedding. It was seen at the alter by the way that they looked at each other. It was noticed by the way Celeste laughed when Damion whispered something to her. It was felt by the way they embraced on the dance floor.

It was such an honor being able to shoot Celeste and Damion's wedding. It is a sign of an awesome couple when, as a photographer, I feel more like a guest than a vendor. Thank you for such an amazing day to be a part of.


  1. sean & brianne! GREAT GREAT job on this wedding! gosh, yall are getting better and better each shoot ( and you were amazing before!) awesome job. so proud!

  2. Absolutely love it! I am amazed at how incredibly talented you guys are!

  3. Love it! Can't wait to blog mine from this. Such a cute wedding!