Friday, April 9, 2010

Twin Oaks House: Jenn and Rob: Engagement

Rob and Jenn win the award for traveling the furthest for their engagement shoot. I'd love to think they came all the way from Miami to get their pictures taken specifically with me, but that probably wouldn't fool too many. They actually were in town for Damion and Celeste's wedding that I was shooting that weekend. So in the midst of rehearsal dinners, golfing with the boys, and other wedding festivities we were able to get together for a little shoot.

Rob and Jenn are hilarious. They have such a playful relationship and always cracking jokes. It was hard at times for me to quit laughing and focus on taking pictures. I really wish I was available to be there the day of their wedding because I can only imagine how much fun they are going to have. I got a little preview of it when Rob was tearing up the dance floor. I will for sure have to post some of those pictures from the Gastelum Wedding.

Rob and Jenn, as soon as you guys want to change your wedding date, I am there! :) Thanks for having so much fun during your shoot. You guys are a riot!

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