Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kate sessions Park: Alexis and Joey: Wedding

Alexis and Joey's wedding truly identified who they are as a couple. They love to have fun and be the life of the party. I must admit I was a little apprehensive about their wedding taking place in the middle of Kate Sessions Park on a Saturday. If you don't know about Kate Sessions, let's just say it isn't a quite park where you find a bunch of children playing on the monkey bars. But like I mentioned, it was perfect for Alexis and Joey because it incorporated a piece of who they are. I think it is so important for couples to take that into consideration while planning their wedding. What good is it to spend a ton of money planning a wedding celebration that is uncomfortable and stiff. The couples who I recognize having the greatest time at their wedding are those who are in their element. They have design it to reflect themselves. It was such an awesome moment at the end of the ceremony when the preacher granted Joey permission to kiss his bride. The whole park went nuts and cheered so loud!

The whole night was a blast. Thanks so much Alexis and Joey for letting Brianne and I celebrate with you guys. We hope we were able to capture the essence of the day!


  1. where did they get married? please email me at natasha2317@yahoo.com if its not too huge of a hassle

  2. These pictures are amazing!!!! Getting married next year 7/4/13. i loved the ceremony sire. Where was the reception? agold00@aol.com