Sunday, August 8, 2010

All aboard: Tessa+ Donny Engagement Shoot

Wow! Talk about a FUN engagement shoot. Tessa and Donny were set on going above and beyond the norm to get phenomenal engagement pictures. Sean and I are definitely up for any creative ideas couples come up with. So what did they decide? SAILING! We started off on dry land to begin the session and then climbed aboard the 40' Catalina and set sail. Captain Michal Tolda and his daughter Jady took us on an amazing voyage throughout the San Diego Harbor on our own private charter. If you ever want to go sailing you got to look up Sail San Diego and request that Michal and his daughter take you out. They are fantastic and made our day so enjoyable.

It was so fun to get to know both Tessa and Donny and hear a little more of their story. Tessa and Donny have known each other since Jr High and Donny always had a crush on Tessa, but not until years later did Tessa give Donny a shot and ended up falling in love. Tessa's smile is radiant and the way Donny interacts with her is so adorable. They were all smiles and giggles that day. It was an incredibly beautiful day too which accompanied the adorable couple's pictures. Thank you Tessa and Donny for treating us to such a fun day! We hope you love your pictures as much as we do!


  1. Tessa/Donnie - You guys look amazing here. Like really fantastic. Makeup, outfits, poses, all full of win.

    Stunning work Sean!

  2. And by Donnie, I really meant Donny ;)

  3. Wow, these photos look amazing! I love the sailboat/nautical theme...very original!

  4. AWESOME pictures..GORGEOUS couple!


  5. Thank you all for coming to share this special moment on one of our boats at Sail San Diego.
    The photos are amazing and you two are just beautiful! We wish you much happiness during this wonderful time in your life!