Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Downtown San Diego: Tezra and Ryan: Engagement

I still am a little shocked that Tezra and Ryan actually chose me as there photographer. Let me explain. Last November my brother-in-law convinced me to join him and his friends for a campaign to raise awareness for men's cancers- specifically prostate and testicular cancer. So I committed to take part in Movember, which you can probably guess by the name of it brings awareness to men's health through the form of a mustache. Long story short, by the time we got together with Tezra and Ryan my mustache even creeped me out! I am not sure how they took me serious, but I am so thankful they looked past the stache and chose me to be their photographer. They are going to get married in Laguna Beach and an amazing venue called 7 Degrees. We are so pumped to be a part of their little shin dig. But before then, we had the opportunity to head to downtown, San Diego to take some engagement pictures... this time without the creepy stache. I had a great time roaming the streets with them and hearing their excitement for their upcoming wedding. Brianne and I are so pumped we get to share in this amazing time in the lives.

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  1. You did a fabulous job on this beautiful couple - my niece Tez and her hubby to be Ryan - with the perfect background feeling. Can´t wait for the wedding! Eve